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So i'm a new fan into mecha themes things and i had the pleasure to hear of the armored core series. A consumer survey supposedly detailing armored core 6 has leaked, suggesting that the next entry in fromsoftware 's mech combat franchise will borrow heavily. The screenshots appeared on resetera got their hands on some leaked armored core 6 screenshots and extensive information from the.


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  • Requisitos mínimos del sistema operativo: Android 4.0 +
  • Ofrece compras integradas.
  • Instrucciones para instalar XAPKs en Android.

Armored Core 6 Galerías

First details and screenshots for a a new armored core game have reportedly surfaced via a consumer survey, according to a post by resetera user red liquorice. Guard a helicopter while it escapes from hostile territory. Další hrou od fromsoftware má být armored core 6.

That will apparently change soon, based on leaked, unconfirmed details about the next armored core game posted by a member of the resetera forums who says they saw images and early gameplay video. The survey included a description, screenshots, and two short gameplay videos: #armoredcore #fromsoftware #eldenringarmored core 6 is supposedly in development according to a recent user survey!

Verdict day, the last major game in the armored series was released in 2013 for the xbox 360. The survey included a description. Personally, i'm not sure my expectations would be placed so.


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